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Tiêu chuẩn ISO 17020:2012 Inspection Standard Application Document

These criteria detail general principles of good inspection practice. Some clauses may not be relevant to particular industry groups or to small (e.g. one-person) operations.

There are many types of inspection activities that can be conducted. These include activities such as design verification, fabrication inspection, product inspection, installation inspection, commissioning inspection, in-service inspection, expediting, witnessing, consignment verification, quantity surveying, modelling and classification inspection. Inspection of processes includes personnel, facilities, technology and methodology. Interested parties are referred to the guidance documents identified in the opening paragraphs to this section.

Professional judgement is understood to entail decision making that is supported by a body of rigorous and objective analysis.

Identification of what is inspected and where in the process professional judgement is exercised, enables inspection activities to be discriminated from other activities, such as product approval schemes or personnel licensing systems.