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We should examine (project)process performance in terms of compliance. For example, is the process being executed properly? Is the personnel trained? Are the right tools available? If the process is not in compliance, we know there is little chance of it performing satisfactorily.

Organizations have addressed the question of compliance by conducting assessments, such as comparing the organizations’ process against a standard (e.g., CMM , ISO, etc). Such an assessment provides a picture of the process status at a point in time and indicates the organization’s capacity to execute various software processes according to the standard’s criteria. However, it does not follow that the process is executed consistently or efficiently merely because the assessment results satisfied all the criteria.The questions of process consistency, effectiveness, and efficiency require a measurement of process behavior as it is executed over time. Other disciplines have addressed this issue by using Statistical Process Control methods.

Small introduction:

Statistical Process Control (SPC) techniques are very powerful in identifying the quality related problems of processes and assist in analysing them for finding out the root causes.

This open package aimed to addresses frequency distribution, standard deviation, Control limits, Process Capability, run-chart, X-chart, R-chart, X-bar and S-chart, R-bar and R-chart, X and MR-chart, p and np type charts, c and u type charts. Advanced features like online acceptance of process data, graphical display, detailed report generation also planned to include. This package can be effectively used by Software and other industries.
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