Bizagi Process modeler

The most powerful and easiest to use BPMN process modeler in the market!modeler laptop
Easy to use: 
- Intuitive. User-friendly. Sexy. 
- Just start drawing your process maps and be productive in no time  

Process documentation: 
- Publish high quality documentation in your preferred format: Word, PDF, Web pages, Sharepoint or Wiki.  

BPMN Modeler: 
- Based 100% on the BPMN notation: BPMN has become the de-facto standard for business process modeling. Bizagi is an active member of the group in charge of defining the standard in the OMG. 

Team collaboration: 
- Collaborate with other team members during process definition. 
- Run discussions. Collaborate in the Cloud or On-Premise. Work offline and sync when you are back. 

- Predict how your great ideas will actually impact your business. 

Build process Apps 
- Go beyond Process Modeling. 
- Turn your process maps into running process applications without programming. You are just a few clicks away. Our BPM Suite offers all you need: business rules, Forms designer, workflow, work portal, analytics.  

- Start using the modeler in your preferred language. 

Freeware - Download the Modeler and use it for free with no time/functional restrictions, for personal or business purposes.